Bangkok, oriental setting and the city don't know
what the city is getting, who is who and who's not
just get there for a show with no main actor
Time flies, doesn’t seem a minute since you’ve been coming in
You don’t feel that your manners are changing
better listen to your inner voice
It’s not Germany or America not Rio – it’s just this place!

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstacy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can’t be too careful with your company
Better watch your step before you’re running free

One town’s very like another
when you’re stuck to your own business, Mister
(Thai language)
Whaddya mean? Ya seen one crowded, polluted, stinking town?
(Thai language)
So you think you’re not just a tourist
and you guess you’re among the cutest?
Well, there’s no charm ever touching you, honey...

Bangkok really got the rhythm that wakes a simple man’s hedonism
It shakes your natural hunger for the kicks that make you stronger
But don’t worry, when you’re just watching the show
from the outside looking in
And maybe then it’ll be too late so let’s get in, don’t hesitate
Just have a look, let me invite you
and be assured, it will excite you

You will forget about your hotel bar
your business, your mobile phone