Dance all night, make it right
We’ve got a right to move so let it groove

Downtown out there is a jungle traffic jam everyday
No way the daily rush-hour I’m stuck inside a four-wheeled prison
And time is running out when the day has just begun
See all those red lights, stop signs, living in a wasteland
now we need a break

That’s why we dance all night, that’s how we make it right
and all we’re through today has suddenly blown away
Hey now let’s get it up, forget about the job
We’ve got a right to move, so let it groove
That’s why we dance all night and that’s our deep delight
It’s what we’re living for, no worries anymore
Put on the dancing dress and make this place a mess
That’s all we’d like to do, right here, right now

Hard work 9 to 5 at the office the boss is a jerk the work’s a drag
Phone calls minute by minute
I’m so busy and dizzy and soon I’ll go crazy
Nightmares and working days in the end it’s just the same
No, we don’t want it, gotta go through it gonna break out for good