Still I hear your voice when we say goodbye
Now you’re there far away and I still see you smile
I will wait biding my time away
Cause I know it’s more than words between you and me
With you there on my mind I never feel alone
Hope you care for me just as I care for you
And I know love is here all around
There’s no distance far enough to keep us apart

Call from a distant shore, can't take no more
I lie awake, still imagine two as one won't be alone
but in between there are oceans raging
Distant shore, you closed the door
but love is strong, so carry on
The day will come we'll be as one
and time stands still everytime we touch

Still I dream you’ll always remember me
even when there are worlds and there are seven seas
And the wind is whispering in my ears
You will find a way back home here in my arms