Now Its Done

Lonely day, followed by a lonely night
waiting for the dream to stay, change the grey into light
On my knees a picture of a memory
walking underneath the trees in bloom, the world right in our hands

But now it’s done, sadness on my mind (still yearning)
hope will always keep me holding on (forever)
Now that you’re gone, pretending that I’m strong (and so I’m)
going all the way without you, hope will make my day

Torn apart, feel the pain within my heart
ain’t no cure to heal the wounds, time will help to get by
Patiently, I’m bearing all the misery
The cloud right over me is raining down the tears of wasted years

And now it’s done, the world is in a spin (still turning)
hope will always show me the way (forever)
Now that you’re gone, there’s still so much to come (and so I’m)
looking out for more cause I know hope is here to stay