It’s about time to face it, well, my friend
your fate lies here in your hands
The harder you’ll try, the farther you’ll get
and it’s all a question of pride
You shouldn’t be wondering
whether you could make it or not
do it, right on the spot

You can get by, with a wink of an eye
You can go anywhere with your pride
You can make any move, you’ve got nothing to prove
You can do anything with your pride

If you feel at the end of your rope
or if your patience is running thin
Lay it on the line, don’t waste any time
a bright future’s about to begin
In your heart, in your mind, there’s a key to a gold-mine
don’t ever give it away, no

So don’t you sacrifice your soul and never cease to go for your goals
You know it’s up to you, so just decide which side you’re on
and which way do you want to go, at the crossroads of your life
with your hands right on the wheel, make it real

There’s no playing the fool, you can break any rule
but nothing’s gonna break your pride
Just keep aiming high, need no alibi
You can always work it out with your pride